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Artist Name: Yung3LVX

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Yung3LVX is a HipHop/Pop artist. With Hip-Hop and R&B and alittle Pop mixed with Rap you can see how it would be easy to get lost in the rhythm of this great artist sound. Despite only crafting and releasing his new sound for the last 12 months, Yung3LVX already has an EP under his belt and several noteworthy singles. Yung3LVX is the type of artist that when he drops — you anticipate the release because you know and expect quality music. Each single is as impressive as the last. With a newfound momentum pushing his music to new audiences, Yung3LVX is on his way to becoming a household name. Don’t sleep on him! He has been Songwriting and engineering music since 15. A published artist since 2011. Two blogs where recently wrote about Yung3LVX newest releases "Rock with Me" & "Love Elixir" on
blog page. He has been going by the artist name Yung3LVX for 8years now. Everyone of his releases has a deeper meaning just relaxing you might just catch a vibe.

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I'm a Yung3LVX I'm a HipHop/PopStar I'm 26 years old. Born and raised in Bristol Pennsylvania. experimental flows and catchy hooks are my strength as a artist. My Music is a "New" sound, a "New" wave and a "New" vibe. I have been Songwriting and engineering music since 15.

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Song Title: Rock Wit Me

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