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#Yum X Htutkai
Artist Name: Yum X Htutkai

Artist Bio

We are new entry team in EDM industry and trying to grow our fan base bigger.Our streaming purpose on Spotify is to build up our fan base.We also have interesting story based Episodic song series to attract more audience.As soon as we got a strong fan base,we have a milestone to build up a record label to support newcomers like us.Hope you have an interest in our music career and purpose.
So please help us grow bigger.

Tell us who you are:

We are new entry duo team in EDM industry called Yum X Htutkai.
We generally produce Electronic genres such as Big Room,Techno,Future house,Progressive House and so on.We features dark vibe and energetic music with storyline series.

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Song Title: Tribe(Activating)

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