Your music on Resso, TikTok’s new sister streaming app

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Get heard on Resso, the innovative music-streaming Soundcloud promotion service from ByteDance

CD Baby continues to make big international moves on behalf of your music, helping your songs reach more and more listeners around the world. 

In the past six months we’ve announced partnerships with Tencent in China, Boomplay in Africa, and Hungama in India; now we’ve partnered with Resso, a new kind of music streaming platform currently available in three major markets: India, Brazil and Indonesia. We expect Resso will expand to many more territories soon.

What is Resso?

Resso is the first standalone music streaming platform from ByteDance, the Chinese tech company behind wildly popular video app TikTok.

As any TikTok user knows, the app is inextricably tied to music, with creators posting short-form videos such as pranks, lip sync battles, and dance contests set to songs they select from the app’s library. Now, that music connection is even stronger with the launch of Resso, a music streaming app with a Soundcloud and Spotify leaning that can be easily integrated with TikTok.


How is Resso different from other streaming platforms?

  • Social interaction: Resso bills itself as “a music streaming app for a new generation.” Through an increased focus on the social aspects of music listening, Resso encourages users to interact with each other in a variety of ways. Whether it’s using videos or gifs of up to seven seconds to express their favorite tracks, or commenting on each other’s music choices or even sharing playlists, Resso plays to the powerful ability music has to bring us together. It even has a button for TikTok integration, so users of both apps can easily navigate between the two.


  • Lyrics for all: Resso also displays lyrics for all songs. These lyrics scroll in real time as users listen, so they can sing along to their favorite songs.

  • Infinite discovery: Aside from the social interaction aspect, Resso’s TikTok relation is most apparent in its “unlimited scroll” format. You know how you hop on TikTok and can scroll through videos forever? Resso works the same way, except with music. It uses the same “you never know what you’ll find next ” addictive quality of TikTok to allow users to discover new music in a new and exciting format.

How do I get my lyrics on Resso?

Resso pulls lyrics from LyricFind, so if you want Soundcloud promotion real your lyrics on the platform upload them there!

Is Resso a subscription Soundcloud promotion service?

Resso operates on the freemium model, meaning users can join for free and listen at a 128 kbps streaming rate with ads, or subscribe with a premium account to access ad-free streaming at 256 kbps.

The premium rates are different for Android and iOS subscribers:

  • $1.35 per month on Android
  • $1.62 per month on iOS

How do I get my music on Resso?

Since CD Baby is distributing to Resso, all you need to do to get your music on there is distribute your music worldwide with us! Already distributing with CD Baby? Then your music will be on Resso soon!

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