Artist Name: YORIE

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I have been making music since 2016, and My main goal is to give people something they can just be happy listening to or have fun or help them with whatever they might be going through, I would say I am fairly well known in my hometown for the music I make since that's where the majority of my listeners are at the moment. I already have made roughly about 960 songs in the vault, I am currently working on my album until it's perfect enough for me to be comfortable releasing it.

Tell us who you are:

Hello, I am YORIE, I am an artist and producer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. I make music that is true to myself. The majority of my music, I would say is very upbeat, I always have fun while im making my music and im usually very specific about which songs I will release and Im always trying to get better with anything whether it be, writing, vocal mixing, or anything else.

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Song Title: Chemistry

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Contact Artist: devbizmail@gmail.com

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