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by | Jun 18, 2020 | Artists to Watch

A frequently asked question about digital SoundCloud campaigns is “ What can I expect to get from this?”. After all, it would be nice to know that you’re going to get a return on your investment, wouldn’t it? In a world seemingly obsessed with overnight success stories, unrealistic expectations will kill your campaign (not to mention industry connections) before you have a chance to get your brand off the ground. Fortunately for you, there are realistic and useful results you can expect from a digital SoundCloud campaign and we’ve laid them out for you below. 

First, you need to know precisely what it is. Digital SoundCloud is a way to promote brands and products online through other channels of digital media. This particular avenue of business promotion helps you to obtain measurable results by calling your Soundcloud audience to action for a particular event your brand is involved in, i.e. ticket sales for a concert, selling merchandise, etc. 


With digital SoundCloud, you can track your direct results, practically in real time. As people click on your ad you can see who follows the links, who look at your website and who is purchasing your merchandise. 


You can gain more information about your Soundcloud audience from digital SoundCloud as well. Information such as what time of day they spend the most time online, what type of products they’re the most interested in, and what type of ads they respond to the most. When you create digital ads, it is common to do A/B split testing to perfect your ads by trying out different versions and seeing which ones get the highest response. 

Specific Media Coverage

There is some media coverage involved in digital SoundCloud, however, it’s entirely paid placements. For the most part, it will be ads, but in certain publications, there are opportunities to pay for reviews or brief articles about your brand as well. 

The Timeline

You can absolutely expect to see results from a digital SoundCloud campaign, but how soon? It will likely take at least a few months to really start seeing the fruits of your (or your publicists) labor. Brand awareness will start rising earlier than that, but tangible results will start coming in around 3 months. 


There are many different benefits to digital SoundCloud. Search engine optimization (SEO), growth of Soundcloud and Spotify engagement, business to customer direct contact, and accurate data collection from your Soundcloud audience are all results you can expect from different types of SoundCloud campaigns. Not all campaigns are created equal due to individual brand needs, capabilities and budget. However, with the right plan and the right SoundCloud team behind you, your business goals are attainable in time. 
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