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Artist Name: Vyblektro

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Leave Tonight” is a banger of a track with those massive drums and shimmering keys creating an electronica infused cracker. The twinkling yet emotional piano progression builds into an atmospheric, ethereal symphony, which is one to remember, full of heart and emotion.

In an era where EDM stardom can be as close as clever aliases, big-name features, and management trickery, Vyblektro has continually avoided the gimmicks and concentrated on a production palette that electronic music lovers crave. Vyblektro is a master of his dialect, and his well-crafted musical bliss reflects the state and times of the genre, which he takes a few notches higher.

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Vyblektro – an emerging artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer originating from Sydney, Australia – quickly put me under his spell of smooth, but hard-hitting beats, soaring melodies and sonic experimentation…

Vyblektro – “Leave Tonight” – well-crafted musical bliss!

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Song Title: Leave Tonight

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