Visual Branding: Why Artwork Design Matters on SoundCloud

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Visual Branding: Getting Started
It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, company, or professional in any entertainment or sales field – visual branding matters! The wrong artwork design could prevent many people from learning about who you are. The reasoning? Because we generally judge a book by its cover. This is why many Fortune 500 companies have a budget dedicated just to branding and advertising. Creating the right appeal to your targeted audience streamlines the process and creates interest. Additionally, a strong visual representation lets potential new fans know that you care about your overall package. For musicians, branding can be applied in many aspects. Furthermore, the right artwork will make you memorable for a long time to come. Let’s dive into the basics of where visual branding can be applicable.

Visual Branding: The Basics
Starting off, if you are aspiring to be a professional musician – you need a logo. This can be a simple logotype that is stylized to your overall aesthetic. You can also include an icon or caricature that may be used a short visual representative of your brand. After you have established your logo, you need to figure out what colorways or overall aesthetic suits your brand. Perhaps shades of blue or red might represent you well. Maybe it isn’t an exact color but a visual style such as graffiti or spikes. Now you can apply this artwork design for different things.
Business cards are great ways to show off your visual branding. Get a custom card created that represents your brand, make it fun and something people will remember. Additionally, applying your branding to Soundcloud and Spotify platforms and a website have become industry standard. This lets people know that they are on the right pages as well as delivers a quick visual of who you are. Other places to apply your branding is on your album Soundcloud promotion package covers, promotional material, flyers, within music videos, and your Soundcloud and Spotify content.
This is the best opportunity for any musician to be creative. Have fun with your visual branding and make it your own! Be sure to check out View Maniac for any of your music SoundCloud needs.
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