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Artist Name: Vigor Mortis

Tell us something about you that fans should know:

Vigor Mortis as a whole can be described as "Slime Punk", defined by violent, bone-rattling bass tones and clever, cheeky edits of famous tunes from all genres. Best experienced live or with a solid sound system paired with a subwoofer, I craft my music with the idea that it will be played on the biggest systems in the world and the sound design reflects that with uniquely insane sounds and rhythms. A Vigor Mortis live set is something you don't skip out on, and something that leaves a lasting impression and a listener wanting more.

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

Vigor Mortis is an electronic Bass music project from the Seattle, WA area. As the self-titled Bass Capital of the US we're home to Excision's Bass Canyon summer edm festival at the world famous Gorge Amphitheater as well as his yearly Thunderdome touring set in Tacoma. Bass music is huge here with the seattle club scene being dominated by three major dubstep/edm venues and monthly bookings with some of the biggest artists in the bass culture. I'm blessed enough to be consistently booked as support for the major talent brought out here but i don't want to be a local DJ forever.

You can follow me and check out my stuff here:


Song Title: https://soundcloud.com/vigormortis/30-minutes-of-mortis-2

Let’s have a listen to the new Vigor Mortis track:

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