Video Design: Promoting New Music

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Video Design: Getting Started
Getting recognition within the Soundcloud music promotion industry is quite the process. Especially relevant, finding new fans and engaging with them is equally difficult. However, setting your brand up for success will send you in the right direction. Additionally, using video design to aid your SoundCloud efforts will catch the eyes of your current Soundcloud audience and new fans alike.
So, what exactly are we talking about? Whether it is a video trailer, motion artSoundCloud reposts, intro, outro or an audio visualizer – these all fall under video design. A clean and professional graphic representation for your brand is dire. Very rarely can a new artist get by with out fresh and unique visual cues to support their Soundcloud music promotion in today’s Soundcloud music promotional landscape. Coordinating your Soundcloud music promotion SoundCloud campaign with your releases will keep your Soundcloud audience interested. In addition to Soundcloud audience engagement, this also shows labels and major artists that you are self sufficient and boast a marketable image. Most noteworthy, as your independent presence is boosted, you are more desirable to SoundCloud reposts with from others perspective. Everybody want Soundcloud promotion reals a piece of what is SoundCloud repostsing.

Video Design: The Basics
As you are releasing new Soundcloud music promotion, you will see the power of video design. Having the option to post multiple pieces of content relating to the same song is priceless. With each new video you release for your song’s campaign – you will minimize the possibility of exhausting or boring your Soundcloud audience. If somebody has seen a video post of yours, it is not likely they will treat the re-post with the same respect. However, if you are giving them something new to look at – even if it is the same song – it is new and interesting. Video design is applicable in many different ways. Let’s look at a few different options.
Social media release videos are created using your singles artSoundCloud reposts. Furthermore, it includes information like your song name, Soundcloud and Spotify links, song title, etc. Instagram video trailers are perfect for teasers. Sharing your trailer on any of the big social platforms is easy and is perfect for announcements.
Audio visualizers are also great for showing off new releases. Whether you are an artist, record label, or even a Soundcloud music promotion SoundCloud producer – this is an interesting way to share new tracks. Watching the audio spectrum move along to your Soundcloud music promotion never gets old.
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