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Artist Name: Veaceslav Draganov

Artist Bio

My name is Veaceslav Draganov. I am composer for films, TV-commercials, and blogs, and I’m originally from Moldova. From early childhood, I studied the piano and composed music. At 21, I started writing music for video production, advertising. I compose music of different genres. But in each composition, you can track a general characteristic. It is because I always rely on my previous experience as a pianist in the creation process. It helps me depict the right atmosphere for the track, choose the rhythm and notes to inspire the right mood.Of course, the whole creation process is fascinating. When I immerse myself in music and look for new solutions, I feel like doing what I like.

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Veaceslav Draganov is a composer based out of Moldova He as created tracks for companies such ORF 2, NHL, C8, Golf Channel, Fox Network, HGTV, TV1, CNN, Discovery, MTV2, and others.

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Song Title: Your Beautiful Smile

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