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#UnknownWriter 21
Artist Name: UnknownWriter 21

Artist Bio

A little insight to my music, the song I submitted is the follow up single after my debut single featuring Ne-yo called, "Can't Breathe Without U". That song has about 380K streams on Spotify, and charted internationally 3 times on iTunes. It went number 1 in Belgium, number 2 in South Africa, and 20 in Canada on the iTunes charts. My follow up song, "Okay Okay" was featured on Billboard's hip-hop site talking about the song being a summer hit.

Tell us who you are:

I am an artist from around West Philly that is trying to make a bigger outreach with my music, I go to school for audio engineering and I play a few instruments. I am mixed with Puerto Rican and Sicilian influenced by many different artists over multiple genres from r&b, jazz, rap, hip-hop, spoken word, pop, punk pop, rock and metal.

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If anyone wants to learn more about me I can be found on all social media platforms @unknownwriter21.

Song Title: Okay Okay

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