Turn your profile photo into a voting statement

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Artists to Watch

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FEATURED POST FROM THE BEST BLOGGERS IN MUSIC: Turn your profile photo into a voting statement

Last month we launched Turn Up the Vote, our first-ever non-partisan, pro-democracy campaign to help new and first-time voters navigate the voting process. 

With two weeks left until Election Day, we’re rolling out profile badges that allow you to update your profile photo with a “campaign button”-style sticker that lets all your friends and fans know you’re voting (or have voted early) in this year’s US election. Updating your picture is an easy and visual way to show everyone you’re making your voice heard — plus, you can encourage others to pledge their vote in this year’s election too. Head over to soundcloudvote.com to update your image now, and let’s get the SoundCloud community hyped about turning out the vote this year. 

Have other questions about the voting process? We’ve got you. Check out our site with HeadCount for all the info you need to get your ballot counted, including details on your state’s early voting deadlines and more. 

Let’s do this.
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