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Artist Name: TTK

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TTK is an astounding hip hop artist and music producer from South Africa. He's been making music for more than 7 years (From age 13), but now wants to share it with the world 🌍. Growing up TTK was exposed to listening to music from a very young age which led to him pursue music further.

TTK started by making house music and then later progressed to focusing on making hip hop music. He's an open-minded and versatile artist, producer and engineer. Up to date TTK has more than +70 songs produced ( hip hop and house and other experimental projects), which most of are on SoundCloud. TTK has 4 EPs / 20+ singles / and more music on the way.

Tell us who you are:

Greetings, My Name's Thuthuka, I go by TTK in music, Am from South Africa.

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Song Title: What you know bout me

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