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Thomson Alexandre Nasser Zulu, or Thomson Nasser, is a Zambian recording artist and record producer from Lusaka. He was born on 14th January, 2000 and he's the oldest of three. Thomson Nasser, formally known as Lil Hype Da Martian, started rapping and writing music in middle school. The rapper found refuge in music from the bullying he faced growing up. He ecpressed his feelings through music.
Thomson Nasser released his first ever song under the name Lil Hype Da Martian at 14, with longtime friend and Cofounder of Trooper Gang Entertainment, Dee Trigga. The two released numerous singles and a mixtape. Thomson Nasser released his first ever solo record, Paranoia. The song served as the lead single to his debut EP, Moonlight.
Other releases apart from singles include his debut mixtape, Black Pride.
In 2021, he changed his name from Lil Hype Da Martian to Thomson Nasser and released his first song under the new name; It Takes A Village…. . The single featured Thomson Nasser's youngest brother, Lil Blizzardz.

Thomson Nasser is working on releasing his sophomore mixtape, Just Another Day In Da Hood With Da Homies.

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My name is Thomson Nasser. I'm a 22 year old recording artist and record producer

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Song Title: It Takes A Village…

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Contact Artist: lilhypedamartian@gmail.com

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