Rap Music Promotion | TALK IN CODE, “SECRET” (ORIGINAL)

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Rap Music Promotion | TALK IN CODE, “SECRET” (ORIGINAL)

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Talk in Code’s recent drop “Secret” is evocative of 80s dance club vibes. The catchy tune is the fourth single release this year. It follows the smashing successful February release “Talk Like That”, and other pandemic made releases “Courage (Leave It Behind)” and “Taste The Sun”.
Both former tracks received tremendous radio play. The band’s radio air play includes BBC Introducing In The West, The OFI Monday Show, The Premium Blend Radio Show, Swindon 105.5, The Real Rob Taylor Podcast, Actual Radio, and Frome FM.
The Swindon based anthemic indie pop band invoke the brilliant lights, “frosted lipstick” and sharp haircuts with this 80s inspired record. Chris Stevens on vocals trips us back to those crammed dance floors. You will love this track. It is exhilarating, catchy and a harmony to arouse positive sentiments.
They recorded and mixed “Secret” pre-pandemic at Studio 91 in Newbury, UK. The track brings home experiences we all have of the pleasures we get in a relationship. Remember those thrills of excitement, the tummy rumblings, the eyes connecting?  Perhaps you may dream of a covert liaison you are entertaining. “Secret” is all of that.
The lyrics accompany an 80s pulsating pop beat. The track has the harmony of Whiney Houston’s “How Will I Know” and Alexander O’Neal’s “Criticize”. “Secret” is a tight, polished indie pop will catch you up and get you dancing.
The band’s 2020 fifteen gig festival tour cancelled because of the pandemic. As such, they took to social media to engage fans.
Talk in Code is re-booked for 2021 for lineups at UK festivals Minety, Mfor, Daxtonbury, Concert at the Kings, Coleford and a show for Club Fandango and Fierce Panda Records.
Let us hope they tour Canada.
Talk in Code is a band to watch. “Secret” is yet another great release from this band.
With the pandemic blues, fans need this song.
Review highlights:
“Secret” “Infectious indie pop that hits all the right spots” – Amazing Radio
“Pet Shop Boys meets The 1975” “SECRET is an 80’s infused indie pop belter, renewed and exhilarated for a modern generation” – Devizine
“Secret” on 16th November 2020, on all major digital download and streaming platforms.“Talk In Code should revel in their ability to write throw away pop songs that people will want to listen to forever. How cool is that?” – Dancing About Architecture
“A brilliant blend of anthemic indie goodness” – The Ocelot Magazine
“Amazing live, packed with energy and passion!” – Wychwood Festival
“Sits on the edge between today’s mainstream and tomorrow’s unwritten” – The Big Takeover
Download it from the band’s website. The track is on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon Music and all digital platforms.
Talk In Code band members:
Talk In Code are;
Chris Stevens – vocals, guitars
Alastair “Snedds” Sneddon – guitars, programming
Mark “Titch” Turner – bass, programming
Jamie O’Sullivan – drums
Watch this video on YouTube.

The post Rap Music Promotion | TALK IN CODE, “SECRET” (ORIGINAL) appeared first on The Buzz Roll Media.
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