Spotify Growth: Increasing Your Streaming Audience

by | Sep 12, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Spotify Growth: Getting Started
Spotify growth plays a massive role in an up and coming musician’s career. The larger audience your music is able to reach, the more exposure to potential new fans is inevitable. Furthermore, as dependent as the music industry is on streaming, it is especially relevant for your success that you have a dedicated fanbase of listeners. This ensures that when you release new music that you streaming statistics aren’t flat line. The more organic listeners that you have, the more appealing your music is to influencers, popular playlists, and record executives. In the current landscape of the music industry, majors expect that you can sustain relevance and buzz on your own merit. Additionally, it is expected that you and your team can release a project on your own from start to finish. Let’s dive into the basics for growing your Spotify.

Spotify Growth: The Basics
Without a doubt, followers’ matter. Getting your fans to follow you on Spotify will boost your presence on the platform. Be sure to edit your profile and add images and content via the Spotify for Artists panel. Verify and optimize the profile as well so fans know they have your official Spotify. After you have your profile squared away, you should begin strategizing your next release. Focus on putting out the “right” song. Curators and playlist creators are always seeking new and fresh tracks. However, make sure your song can fit into most any playlist by the song length and flow. Be sure your song isn’t too long and isn’t sporadic within the sequencing. You want Soundcloud promotion real to deliver an easy listening experience for any fan.
Now that you have your song prepared, reach out to curators. Pitch your song in a professional manner. Spotify actually has a Song Pitching Tool that artists, managers, and labels can submit a song directly to Spotify. However, this song should be considered unreleased. Getting on the right playlist with increase your Spotify growth tremendously.
As always, you should be sure that your website and Soundcloud and Spotify profiles are up to date. This makes Spotify promotion easier. Give your fans or music industry professionals a direct sight line to your music. Now you’ve made it easier for others to find your songs.
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