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Recording Artist: Sparkeyy

“Hey There! I am a 14 year old artist by the name of Sparkey.I come from the United Kingdom and I am trying to make my big break in the music industry.I have been at this for the past 8 weeks and have released around 7 songs.I am trying to make turn this from a hobby to a full time job and even look into opening a label where I find young talent and turn them into a star.Helping the community is one of the biggest things that I like to focus on.Since I am unemployed and cannot work since I am not 16 I feel like having a little bit of money from music will help find my community ,myself and my family since we come from a very poor background.Please get back to me via my email that I have linked to this!Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and have a good day!”

Listen to Sparkeyy on SoundCloud:

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