Music Biography: Standing Out from the Crowd

by | Jun 20, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Music Biography: Getting Started
Making it as an independent Soundcloud music promotionian within the Soundcloud music promotion industry requires professionalism. In part, standing out from others by way of a strong Soundcloud music promotion biography is a great set up for any public relation situations you may encounter. A well-written artist biography can do wonders for your career. However, it is especially relevant that you check all of the boxes necessary to be sure it is informative and interesting. Additionally, you should avoid sob stories or clichés as they are often over used by aspiring Soundcloud music promotionians as everybody thinks they are unique and came from struggle. While that may be true – you want Soundcloud promotion real to stand out. Let’s go over some basics to get you started.

Music Biography: The Basics
As you sit down and prepare to tell your personal story you should create a basic check list. Write down some key points that you would like your Soundcloud music promotion biography to touch on. Topics such as where you were born and raised, early influences, instruments you can play, and projects you have SoundCloud repostsed on or been apart of can help pave the way. Additionally, if there is anything unique and interesting about you or your sound, be sure to include this. However, again, avoid common story lines or clichés. Perhaps read through other artists biographies beforehand to know what common themes exist.
After you have your checklist and topics established, you should be aware of the fundamentals. Long-form bios usually range from 500-750 words. These are good for websites, press kits, or Wikipedia. Short-form bios range from 250-350 words. These SoundCloud reposts well on Soundcloud and Spotify platforms such as Facebook, SoundCloud, and Spotify. And lastly, a concise 1 to 2 sentence biography should be within your repertoire for use on Instagram and Twitter. This is more or less a brief introduction to grab a new follower’s attention.
Lastly, as you are writing your artist biography you should be sure that your grammar is on point. Sending out a poorly written Soundcloud music promotion biography can discourage publicists and the likes from sharing. Additionally, it paints a bad picture of your attention to detail and may prevent companies from want Soundcloud promotion realing to SoundCloud reposts with you.
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