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Sonni is an artist specializing in film and video predominately making fashion films and music promos. His previous work includes films for brands like Stella McCartney, Marni, All Saints as well as working with music artists such as as a Griff, Parcels, Dyme-A-Duzin and Florence and the Machine. Combining his artistic vision with his love of music – this is his first go at making music. He uses these creative forms along with contemporary subject matters, in order to create works that feel disjointed yet address issues personal to him.

Tell us who you are:

January 7th 2022– “Dairy Fudge” is Sonni’s debut single. From trap high hats to punk rock guitar to playful lyrics – Dairy Fudge infuses a new experimental British sound. Sonni collaborated with a music producer/close friend Vanders VIII to create Dairy Fudge. After creating the song, Sonni directed and produced a music video shot in Rome; marrying the song with a film narrative. It reiterates the song’s theme of the beauty in feeling lost. Video release TBC.

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Song Title: Dairy fudge

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Contact Artist: Aaflondon@gmail.com

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