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Artist Name: Slater XX

Artist Bio

Im an artist from the south who has been obsessed with music ever since the first song was played for me…especially hip hop. Ive then proceeded to grow into an upcoming artist through my passion for music.This has driven me to mix all genres and tastes into my music. Im constantly progressing and experimenting with each release. This has gotten me notoriety from several influences in hip hop, such as The Game, Fat Joe, Ab Soul and other TDE affiliates as well as two features from the man Scott Storch. Ive since been releasing singles and music videos constantly always given the fans something to look forward to.

Tell us who you are:

Im Slater XX an upcoming artist from Western North Carolina. I bring a new and original sound to the hip hop/rap world with incorporations of my upbringing and my life experiences mixed with an upbeat refreshing twist.

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I keep all current events, releases, social media etc. right here: linktr.ee/SlaterXX

Song Title: 3 Eyes Open

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Contact Artist: tmhslaterbooking@gmail.com

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