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Recording Artist: Siddie Nam

“I’m a piano/keyboard player, occasional guitarist, songwriter and producer from London, UK. I’ve been making and producing music for years, never with any great success but always with joy and love, collab’ing with various great people along the way. I started in the late nineteen eighties (I’m old, right?), my first gig hitting block chords on a cheap synth in a reggae band. Mental. And I’m still goin’. I love everything from Rock and Pop, to EDM and Drum and Bass. I even sing in classical choirs. I was recently doing the tenor bits in Durufle’s Requiem.

This song came about when I had to set up my DAW and stuff again following a hard drive crash. The beats and samples gradually came together as this track when I was playing around doing tests following the DAW rebuild and customisation. I grabbed the vocal sample out of an as-yet-unreleased song I’m working on with the fabulous Luisa Tona, who’s doing some amazing singing. Look out for that soon. In the meantime, “I Can Get Through This” has no deep meaning, it’s a straight out there club track. Enjoy!”

Listen to Siddie Nam on SoundCloud:

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