Artist Name: Sicpho

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Hi, i am SicPho born în Roumania/Bucharest, 14 years ago i found a song Tiesto Lethal industry, I wanted to make music like him, i did not have an internet connection, so I started with a daw that I did not know how to use one or make a track. Was lame do 🤣, but life hits you like a train. I stop doing music and took a daily job. But 5 years ago I started to make songs and i did not stop. Life is not pink , is just Black and White. You get what you make and do. Now I am taking care of my sick Sister and making songs. My life is hard, my music is my escape from The war called life.

Tell us who you are:

hi im sicpho fresh dj, i just want to be heard thats it

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sicpho.com https://open.spotify.com/artist/0UzviNjXJtGl3TYRG6lPvn

Song Title: WOAH

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Contact Artist: tkohit26@gmail.com

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