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#Roy Niv
Artist Name: Roy Niv

Artist Bio

I started writing songs when I was 18 and tried to understand life better. Slowly I began writing all the time and eventually connected with a British producer that helped me produce those songs and make them very special. "Stay Up" is the first one I am releasing to the world and I'm very excited for you to hear it. Thank you!

Tell us who you are:

Hey guys! I'm Roy Niv, a rock artist and I recently released my new track "Stay Up" which I'm very excited about!
I play the guitar and piano my whole life and during the last year and a half of pandemic, I dedicated myself to making music the best way possible. Hopefully you'll hear it in my track.

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Definitely check out my Spotify page –

And see my IG page to learn more about me and my music – @roy_niv

You are always welcome to contact me via email –

Thank you!

Song Title: Stay Up

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