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Artist Name: Rinchere

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Born and raised in Queens, NY music quickly became the sensation of Rinchere’s childhood as he was introduced to Hip Hop at an early age. He soon fell in love with the beat and the rhythm along with music’s “ability to grab the attention of anyone who chooses to listen for a few minutes, be it meaningful, clever or grimy”. Dating back to elementary school, music became his hobby and so did rhyme; more so, it became a savior at a time in which the then-youth witnessed hardships of growing up in the hood. “If I did not have music as an outlet, I probably would have been dead or in prison”. From thought-provoking lyrics to his ability to evoke emotion, Rinchere remains a humble perfectionist. “I don’t think I reinvented the wheel or anything. I just feel like if more rappers spent time perfecting their, craft and stop worrying about clout hip hop would be much better”. While focusing on musical development, From consistent releases, Rinchere continues to reassert his focus and dedication toward the creation process, creativity, and most importantly, toward hip-hop.

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My name is Rinchere, I’m a lyricist that makes Hip-Hop from a every man perspective. People will listen cause I’m dope.

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Song Title: Make it Back

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