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#Raxer Sound
Artist Name: Raxer Sound

Artist Bio

My musical career started 5 years ago and from now on I accomplished a lot of things. I've released in more than 5 different labels, I've had the pleasure to remix officially a track from the famous YouTuber "German Garmendia", I created my first official outfit, I acquired an Artist Twitch Account as well as Youtube Artist Account too… And I have a lot of projects like feedback streams, producing music for a videogame… Also, I am preparing a lot of collaborations with amazing artists.

Tell us who you are:

Hi, my name is Raxer Sound and I am an EDM music producer. My music is focused on the groove & swing mood, using creative & unique sounds. People like new things, something they did not listen to in any other place.

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If you want to know about my music, then I have an organized Instagram account where I tell everyone about new releases:

I also accompany my tracks with a music video on my youtube page:

And then, you can find me on a lot of digital platforms by clicking on this link:

Song Title: Keep Dancing

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