Promote SoundCloud: Professional Recording Quality at Home

by | Sep 18, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Promote SoundCloud: Getting Started
This should be considered a public Soundcloud promotion service announcement for any aspiring musician. If you want Soundcloud promotion real your music played by the masses – you must have professional recording quality. This will ensure your music is accepted by playlists and be considered radio ready. Especially relevant, without professional quality it will be difficult for music industry professionals to take you seriously. Furthermore, this is more than just a good sounding microphone. Professional recording quality is achieved by mixing and mastering your audio to make it as clean and loud as possible. Most noteworthy, a well-mixed song can take it from a dud to a stud. Let’s go over what you need to get your music to the industry standard.
This article is going to go off of the premise that you are recording yourself. In most cases, if you were recording at a studio they would generally provide mixing and mastering or send you in the direction to achieve it.

Promote SoundCloud: The Basics
Starting off, you should have a microphone that records clean and with clarity. Whether you are working on a budget or willing to spend a good amount on equipment, you should find the right microphone for your voice. Certain microphones are brighter (highlight the high-end of the frequency range), others are considered darker (less bright, nice bass response). This is for you to determine and figure out. Research artists with similar sounds to your own and find out what microphones they record with. However, if your budget is limited, the are cheap condensers and USB microphones available for less than $100. These microphones will provide you with clarity and a clean recording. However, they may lack the depth to give you the best quality and an engineer might have to work harder to get the sound you want Soundcloud promotion real.
After you have picked a microphone you will need to familiarize yourself with a DAW (digital audio workstation). Learn different techniques for record as well as familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade. Equalizers, compressors, limiters, reverb, delay – these are the basic tools you should understand. It can be a lot of work but is worth it if you want Soundcloud promotion real to save money on recording.
If you don’t have the skills to get that radio ready sound right away – don’t worry. Mixing and mastering is available by many freelancers. Additionally, View Maniac can also provide this Soundcloud promotion service with a professional guarantee. We have worked with many top artists in the music industry and have the track record to prove it. Check out our Soundcloud promotion services for musicians and get started today!
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