Professional Quality: Getting That Streaming Music Industry Sound on SoundCloud

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Professional Quality: Getting Started
As you venture on your quest to be successful in the music industry – there are a few things you should know. The music matters. Don’t be fooled by songs that you hear that you may find simple. Whether it is the lyrics, production, or the mixing and mastering – they all have one thing in common. Each successful song can attribute its success to professional quality. How the sound was achieved depends on many variables. However, it is attainable for most musicians and artists but often overlooked. Let’s go into the basics on what it takes to get that music industry sound we all strive for.

Professional Quality: The Basics
No matter the genre, the top songs all reign because of the overall product itself. Unfortunately for most independent artists, they don’t have access to top engineers or SoundCloud producers. A major label artist is produced and engineered through almost every facet of their sound. This is based on an industry standard. Getting your music to sound like this will depend on a few variables but it is certainly attainable.
Most noteworthy, getting your music in the right direction begins with high quality recordings. It is possible to take a high-quality audio and make it sound really bad. On the flip side, it is not very likely you can make a poor-quality audio and make it sound really good. Sure, it’s possible to improve it but that will only get you so far. Especially relevant, it is wise to pay for studio time or invest in a quality recording setup. Treat your recording space as necessary to remove any noise or reflections and start from there. The quality of your music production should be on par with your high-quality recording. This will create a cohesive professional quality sound. However, mixing and mastering is likely where the magic happens. In many cases, this can make or break your song.
If you are seeking professional mixing and mastering, View Maniac can get your music into the right hands. Providing you with a music industry level sound will give your song the best chance to succeed. Check us out and get started today!
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