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Artist Name: Powerhill

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We were born in a dirty and humid stable in the now distant year 2000. From there the musical ups and downs have been many, but only with adequate production and promotion we reached the market in 2019 with our first 2 singles. After countless line-up changes in recent years, here we have steadily arrived at this single particular of 2021.
The theme of the text of this single speaks of the pandemic lived on the farm and our not-so-joyful 20th anniversary. Another single will be released before Christmas 2021 and a full EP will be released at Easter 2022.

Tell us who you are:

Dear Curator, I'm Cep, manager & guitar player of the Swiss band Powerhill.
We offer pure Hard Rock, Glam, Hair Metal & Sleaze Rock, but we consider ourselves the inventors of Farm Metal!!
Our style is peasant and farm-style.
On stage we offer a very special show. Thanks in advance for your attention.

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We`re also present on Spirit of Metal, and even in the forgotten Myspace.

Song Title: Covid-20

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