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I live in New Zealand (yes where the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies were made) and early on in my life I was in the National Youth Choir. I've sung, played piano, drumkit and percussion for most of my life for fun. Life kind of got 'in the way' as I decided to go into electrical engineering rather than music, had a family, built a business and travelled a lot for work. I'm drawing on that experience for the concepts behind my first album. I've completed the first group of three songs on the album, the next three will be out soon.

The song I'm pitching is "Home, Love" where I've tried to capture how forlorn you feel when you've been away for a long time from that familiar feel of home and of course the people you love. As I'm fairly new at this I'm trying to get my music heard outside New Zealand, so I'd appreciate you considering this song.


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Hi I'm Pete and I'm a new singer/songwriter who thought it was "better late than never" to do an album (I'm nearly 50)

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Song Title: Home, Love

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