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Artist Name: Pelargonium

Artist Bio

Pelargonium is a Edm Producer from Turkey born in June 21 years old. he first started producing in 2016, then he moved on to Produce his own tracks in 2019.
he signed first label, During this time a few of tracks have had great success, including Island, Hype and 1234, Island and many others, have been listened by thousands of people and he has expanded his audience.
Now he produced many original tracks and have built a big fan community. Pelargonium currently still producing and trying to bring you enjoyable music.He also took part in important Dj sets and Radio as day passes and gave solo concerts in front of tens of thousands of people. he had received support from many artists and DJ’s On his music release.

Dreamer's Island Entertainment
Million Records
Electric Station

Tell us who you are:

Hi, I'm Yiğithan from Turkey , 21 years old, 6 years of music production.

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Song Title: Mistake

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