For Release by The Supreme Team:
#NY THE DJ GUY #TheSupremeTeam
Artist Name: NY THE DJ GUY

Tell us something about you that fans should know:

I'm a mashup artist that likes to mix tracks just right to create a whole new feel for video game soundtracks. I mostly specialize in mixing Sonic the Hedgehog & Splatoon jams since there is such a plethora of tracks to mess with from those franchises. Starting to dabble in super Monkey Ball mixes too

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

I'm from a small town in Upstate New York, gonna admit I don't know much about the music scene here but all I know is almost everyone in this town listens to rap XD

You can follow me and check out my stuff here: is where you can find all my jams

Song Title: Monkey Majesty +Off the Hook x Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania+

Let’s have a listen to the new NY THE DJ GUY track:



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