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Vallen Daniels learned multiple instruments (drums, piano, bass, guitar and french horn) as a kid, paying for lessons with money earned from odd jobs, before falling in love with the Music Tracker scene. He later learned mastering, mixing and became proficient in several DAWs, played in a lot of local bands and a relatively unknown punk band for 10 years. This solo side project was started in 2002, self-financed in every aspect (that caused huge limitations) and produced by one individual. He's not looking to be a household name but is looking for an audience to enjoy his music which doesn't have a major label behind him. He's received a lot of buzz lately, had several positive reviews (that's generated 20k streams in the last month) and recently been played on the radio in the UK, and in several countries in South America. All of which we have cataloged here:

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Nocturnal Omissions is an ever evolving artist that's music style is a combination of EBM, Lo-Fi Beats, Post-Rock, Dark Chillwave, Industrial Techno, Darkwave, Progressive Trance, Psybent, Ambient Rock, Chillwave, Hauntology, Minimal Techno and Darkcore. They've been around for 19 years, briefly were MySpace famous with 3k fans until we left the music scene in 2008. Resuming in 2018, we wrote another 3 albums which were released (each year on Soundcloud) then to streaming in Aug 2021. Each album has a slightly different feel, that are only instrumental, as we felt our original lyrics detracted from the musical theme and soundscape that we were creating.

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Song Title: Unfamilar Places

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