Featured Artist: TTm (Michal Kuciak)

by | Nov 27, 2020 | New Artist Interviews

Recording Artist: TTm (Michal Kuciak)

Michal Tadeusz Kuciak Born In Poland on 17th of August 1998 in Glucholazy.
Michal Lived most of His Time in The Uk Edinburgh Scotland sience he was 8 Years old
His Jurney with Music Started as McMlody at age of 14 When He Just went in the world Of Sound
and Quick Enaugh it Was His Passion. He was knokwn in STage Names as McMlody in 2013. After a Year He Changed It For AmfikRap Where Most Of the Songs Were Made till 2019. After Focusing on Improving His Quality and Geting Better Recording Position he Practised for 8Years and most of It was During Work He Hited Chartts With That name on Youtube with 17k Views and 7k Views 2k WHich is His Highest Score and Motivation for Better. In 2019 He Change The Name To TTm(ToTenMaolat) To fresh Start It and With Better Quality most of His work is Found On SoundCloud and The first Ep ComeBack made a Quite a score of Highest views of 3K. As Geting For Him More Improvment and boost on Carrer he started WOrking with Fress as NewAgeProduction

Listen to TTm:

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