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Artist Name: Navihon

Artist Bio

From Jackson,Mississippi comes rap artist Navihon. His first single All the Way released in 2018 gained him national recognition and he’s been climbing higher ever since. His story starts in 1999 when he first began writing music. After various mixtapes and features he began his own imprint Golden Mile Music Group Inc in 2018, named in honor of his late grandmother. Being from Mississippi Navihon has struggled reaching a broad audience more so than artist in bigger cities. Navihon was raised by his mother under her death of Cancer while still in his preteens. She was a pianist and his father once a drum and guitar player sparked his early interest on in music. After four singles released since 2018 in 2021 of October his debut album release titled Golden featuring major artist and producers sets him apart from the local rapper to super star.

Tell us who you are:

I’m an Mississippi artist Navihon pronounced with a silent H. I would say I’m the type of lyricist you don’t come across often pair with a multi faced delivery makes a unique sound.

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Song Title: Never Lied

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