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Independent Rising Rapper “Mula Migz” from Brooklyn, New York City is paving a way for the new generation of “Musician Entrepreneurs”! After gaining over a million of plays in just a few months on audiomack, he creates a new marketing team during the pandemic straight from his phone. He also helped start up an online candle company with his girlfriend at home thats has already gained sales. “Mula Migz” is constantly working on the next best venture for his music business where he is soon going to publish an ebook that teaches musicians, content creators, etc. to give tips, strategies and help build their social media platforms and music platforms. Besides all of this independent rapper “Mula Migz” gained over thousands of followers in months on Instagram and is soon to release his highly anticipated album “Outta This World” under his independent record label “Mula Records Inc” since his last album “Mula Migz Season” reached over 10,000 streams overnight using one of his strategies. Now that the pandemic in New York City is declining, “Mula Migz” will soon hopefully be hitting a stage near you.

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NYC Rapper " Mula Migz " ! Been doing this 10 years go check out my music everywhere Indepedent rapper now Author " Mula Migz " was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. Built my name in the industry since 2011. Google my name see my grind ! Over million plays on audiomack etc

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Song Title: Mula Migz – " You Know The Vibes " ( Official Music Video)

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Contact Artist: Mulamigz@gmail.com

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