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From Queens, NY MoneyHouse kev is not only a versatile artist switching from R&B to Hip Hop but he is a businessman, with a constant grind. Even with his appreciation of classical and pop music, he knows where his home is, with hip hop as an artist but as a producer he vibes well with the R&B sound. His biggest goal in the musical industry is to make music meaningful and soulful again. His biggest influences are love, family and watching the people around him succeed past being great. And even with his hard and unapproachable demeanor in his presence, MoneyHouse Kev is a generous person with a good heart who cares about his community and his love ones. You hear his life experiences, lessons, and come ups through each one of his songs. Stay Tuned for more from MoneyHouse Kev.

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MoneyHouse Kev's music focuses or is based on personal and business relationships mostly, especially the topic of heartbreak and betrayal. MoneyHouse Kev's songwriting is influenced mainly by his personal life experiences, failed relationships.

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Song Title: Tap In

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