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Artist Name: Mini Swazy

Artist Bio

The Genre that I'm going after is Alternative Rnb/Hip Hop. I've had the chance to meet with a few A&R's from Major Labels. They've given me so much incite on things. I've performed a few times at the Orpheum Theater with 80 people and some nights more than 100 people. I got my first beat placement last December with Ssgkobe. That was major for me. I'm trying to get back to my supporters and reach new future supports. I love when people write me about wanting to hear more music from me. Its very motivating.

Tell us who you are:

Hello, my name is Mini Swazy and I am a Singer/Songwriter, Rapper and Producer. I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I got my first taste from a huge crowd when I was four years old. I ran out on stage to sing a country song. The people had no idea who I was, but they loved me. I started singing and dancing in talent shows. I started producing back in 2015. I feel like I have a certain style that certain beats may not fit. I'm my own critic, very hard on myself.

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Song Title: Cross Your Mind

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Contact Artist: Kpdiamond_09@yahoo.com

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