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I grew up in a heavily musical influenced family, with my Father being a lead singer and guitarist in a popular band in the 80's. I knew how to sing before I could talk and music, along with songwriting, has always been my passion. I fully jumped into the music scene for the first time when I moved to Denver in 2014, as I was more of a songwriter before then.

I began my first tour in 2016, and was invited to play SXSW that same year. In 2017, I was named Denver's 'Top Artist' and placed first place in the Colorado Music Business Organization as a Songwriter. I continued to place first place in 5 other International competitions as a songwriter, and was listed in the Top 20 for 'Best of Pop Artists' & 'Best of Rock Artists' for 20 consecutive weeks. In 2019, I competed as a second round contestant on the reality singing competition, 'The Voice', and continue to pursue other creative outlets while creating new music and honing my craft.

I took a short musical hiatus after finding out I was going to be a Mother, and am now jumping back into music full time.

Tell us who you are:

Hello, my name is Marisa Nikole. I'm a Soul/Pop Rock artist based in Denver, CO. I feel that my music is relatable and speaks to many people and fans because of how intimate my songs are. I write my songs about real people and real situations in my life, and as if I am sharing pages of my diary. I believe that people want to hear music that they can relate to, knowing that artists like myself or even famous artists out there, are normal people just like them that go through the same things in life that they go through. I believe that’s why people want to listen to my music.

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Song Title: Warrior

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