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Artist Name: Mak 9

Artist Bio

As he bravely climbs out of his home hell to make that much-anticipated bread so he can feed the team, Mak 9 takes us into his shell-filled world with the clip-packed new sturdy single ‘Worst Of The Worst‘.

Mak 9 is an underground Eastside of St. Louis, Illinois-based indie trap artist. He is a rampaging artist who tells us the stories straight up, through his lens of life which has seen many things he would rather forget.

”I am inspired by artist such as Kevin Gates, Da Baby, 2Pac, Lil Baby, Drake, Jelly Roll, Eminem, Migos and many more.” ~ Mak 9

Bringing forth a supremely robust style which has so much strength attached, as he shows us his armory that is stacked with merchandise to help calm the stormy winds if things get a bit hectic. His raps are sturdy and mightily hulking, as the fiery bars slam down hard and with such a ferocious meaning.

‘Worst Of The Worst‘ from the gritty Eastside of St. Louis, Illinois-based trapper Mak 9, is that true story about having the bravery to stick through the tough times. With his tight crew and money-hungry attitude, he has made a track that is totally raw and with a real heavy style. He brings that hardcore rap to our eyes – and shows us that he is indeed ready for any obstacles – which may come his way in this crazy world.

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My name is Mak 9 I make street music with a new sound I just released a 12 song project called The worst

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Song Title: The Truth

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