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Artist Name: Mack Mj

Artist Bio

I’ve been making music since 2016. I just started taking it seriously and investing in myself honestly this year.
I did my first feature with a known artist (Wacotron) in July. I started working with Facebook to do ads on Facebook and Instagram to help my songs recieve more organic traffic. I write and record music everyday and have plenty of music to release and push. Im going to keep dropping different music that sound like Main Stream quality until i achieve my goal. When i do it wont stop there. I just need people to believe in me the way i do.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Mack Kimble AKA Mack Mj. Im from Waco, Texas. I make all types of music from Rap, Rnb, Dance, and Pop. Whatever way i’m feeing that day, thats what i write and record.

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Song Title: Fly Away

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