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Artist Bio

LVT is an explosive hiphop , rap and rnb artist who started doing music by recording music covers in her bedroom at university to popular musicians such as Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Cardi B and Adele.

LVT fell in love with music when she was at a very young age at about 7/8 years old she was singing in her Grandads church and this is when LVT knew that music was a passion of hers. LVT got involved in talent shows when in secondary school and college. The artist went on to learn how to use the likes of Logic Pro and gained a skill in DJing, which she mastered in college whilst also working on her vocals.

The one-person powerhouse started out performing her new songs at live events and open mic nights in Leicester at 2funky who hold monthly open mic nights. Recent accolades include over 16,000 streams on her first single with no feature and a featured mixtape with over 1000 streams. With an upcoming EP, the artist continues to write new material to reach new heights.

Tell us who you are:

My name is LVT and music is passion I have goals to inspire and talk to people through my music.

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Song Title: Talkin’ My Shit

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Contact Artist: Lvtwnp@gmail.com

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