Louisville, Kentucky Artist 17th Slugz Drops “Messy” Sexy Single [AUDIO]

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Artists to Watch

17th Slugz, born Steven James, is a rap artist from Louisville, Kentucky. He is one of the founders of the record label and rap trio Bread Brothers Entertainment. Slugz has a laid back style that easily integrates the melodies and rhythms of trap rap. At the same time, he brings a “rawness” to his records where his hunger to succeed is made loud and clear. With over 1 Million views on World Star, 17th Slugz is definitely one to watch. 

A lot of the Kentucky rapper’s inspiration to pursue music comes from his father and daughter. Their love for it made it apparent to 17th Slugz to take the route of an artist over being in the streets. With just a few singles under his belt, the rapper is preparing to release new music. He recently shared his single titled “Messy”, which follows up the release of “Where I’m From”. These hard hitting records are examples of the rawness portrayed in the Louisville representer’s music, drawn from his own life experiences.

In just a short span in his career, the rapper has already SoundCloud repostsed alongside the likes of Beatmonster Marc, Yung Lan, Jose Guapo, and Lil Flip. He’s even auditioned for Irv Gotti and BET, so 17th Slugz is no stranger to the spotlight. 

One thing his fans can all agree on, that 17th Slugz is up next.

Stream/ download “Messy” by 17th Slugz https://song.link/us/i/1513086071

Follow 17th Slugz online:

Instagram @17thslugz

Twitter @17thslugz

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