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Artist Name: LNO

Tell us something about you that fans should know:


Lino Cutrone aka LNO, was born in August '93 in the province of Bari (Puglia – IT).
From an early age he showed interest for music in general, so as to focus on the genre Techno.
At age 16, the first concrete approaches with clubs and music production.
It remains so in anonymity for so long and in 2015 begins to take the first concrete steps towards mass production, and thus also begins to learn about different artists in his area, which have stimulated and motivated to go further.
So enamored of the music decided to move to Berlin, European capital and techno, in the last months of 2015.
2016, the turning point, the first EP, the first collaborations, and the first approaches with several record labels.
Becoming noted on the Berlin scene comes now to be part of a group of DJ's united and compact named "Techno ist fuer alle da" and thanks to it begins to have space and to perform in some of the local clubs.
Currently LNO has produced for labels like: Hardwandler Records, Klangrecords, Dark Underground Records, Sound of Techno Records, Teksession Records; collaborating with artists such as Kai Pattenberg, Christian S., Timao, Renehell, Kevin Kranz, Otin, Dark Skyline, Robust, Silvano Scarpetta, etc …

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

Berlin , Techno, Dark Techno music

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Song Title: Gänsehaut (Original Mix)

Let’s have a listen to the new LNO track:



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