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Im just starting out, so if you feel like my music would be a good investment. I'll appreciate the support. I have the 1 song out. 'You were never mine'
I have my EP 'Saudade' coming out on the 14th of January. I am an independent artist with DistroKid. The dream is to grow, to show the world that there's more to music. I don't want my music to always be something people can listen to only. I want them to feel how i feel, the emotions i potray. Many can relate to my lyrics. I hope you all have a great day!

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Hello everyone my name is Shivaan, i am 17. I produce, sing and write all my songs. I currently only have 1 song out. though im releasing an EP on the 14th of Jan. I believe that my music will get better and better as i grow. Ive been producing for a few years now. I do many genres of music such as EDM, Pop and Lofi Hop. Those are my 3 main ones. I also make hybrid genres. Such as Lofi Future Bass and Drill Pop etc. I don't try to be like anyone else because i feel that my music is already unique in its own way. I do have some inspiration from certain Artists such as Illenium, Powfu and Jon Bellion. I started music at the age of 9.

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Song Title: you were never mine

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Contact Artist: kashenshivaan@gmail.com

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