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Artist Name: Kanis Ursa

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With the little backing i have and with nothing but free promotion and word of mouth ive been able to build a strong fanbase that can be seen on any of my social media pages and got over 15k streams on my first major release.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Kanis Ursa, my music is the future of rnb. I've come to the realisation that RnB has been given he image of a sad genre that people play to get in their feelings when in reality that wasn't where the genre started. RnB can be just as diverse as hip hop is where it can be serious , sad , uplifting , tough and everything in between. One of my main inspirations is Aaliyah because she used instrumentals that were predominantly only used in rap music but she sang on them instead of rapping, i want to bring that back

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Song Title: ENL

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Contact Artist: kanisursa@gmail.com

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