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Artist Name: Jotti bee

Artist Bio

When it comes to music I’m passionate when I’m in my zone in the booth nothing else matters every other rapper becomes my worst enemy not on personal level but that’s just how hungry I am. I’m currently on tour with with Conway’s label Drumwork Music Group and recently dropped a project earlier this month

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Jottibee born and raised in buffalo ny I started taking my music serious about 7 years ago after my mother passed I use the studio as my diary because I keep a lot of things bottled up but when I’m in front the mic It feels like all lights are on me. I wouldn’t know how to describe my sound because it’s unique I never tried to copy anyone’s style all the energy and pain I put in my songs really comes from the heart. I would say some my musical influences are jay-z ,meek mill, biggie smalls , myself and of course my hometown legend Conway the machine.

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