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Artist Name: Johnny

Tell us something about you that fans should know:

I love to rhyme and I have songs where I rhyme the same sequence of words for well over 10 minutes. These tracks are packed with metaphors, similes, punchlines and just straight up battle rap style BARS. I suggest listening to my Pound cake remix. I am one of the few white rappers who does not need a gimmick. I am nothing less than an emcee. I am a lyrical artist that takes rhyming and punchlines very seriously. I am superior in versatility. I can stomp any beat in front of me. I don't like to rhyme one syllable and never have. I started writing my raps at 14 and only use multi-syllabic rhyme schemes. I can rhyme up there with the best of em. What holds me back is the fact that my punchlines go over 99 percent of everyone's head. You have to be a big hip hop head to respect my art. Also, I record on a phone with a simple voice recorder app with the beat playing in the background. I am not going to waste my time on studio fees because even though I have about 60 tracks, its all just practice right now. I'll go to the studio once I get the respect I deserve as an artist.

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

I was born and raised in the small, rural area of Shawsville, Virginia. I can bet you've never heard of it! There is literally no music scene. I formed a group known as 3 Mics in high school and we WERE the music scene. Areas near us such as Roanoke houses a beautiful variety of music stars that deserve to be more than the underground kings they are. Shout out to Poe Mack and Prince Marley. Also, Radford is nearby and has created its own sound. Shout out to Ruger Roq and Chris Wade!

You can follow me and check out my stuff here:

I am on SoundCloud. Be sure to check out my reposts that demonstrate my skills in my high school days!
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Song Title: 21 Savage Bank Account Freestyle

Let’s have a listen to the new Johnny track:


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