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Artist Name: JaySoCray

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I am fairly fresh to the music industry, as I've only been creating for about 5 years. But within those 5 years, I've been able to rip multiple stages, and win big showcases from Hot97 to city wide competitions. I have always been great at performing which I feel separates me from the average artist. I have never backed down from any stage, and I've never gotten off stage without getting the entire crowd to feel me. My music as well as my presence is impactful and often times inspiring to my peers.

Tell us who you are:

I go by the name of JaySoCray, a Bronx, NY baby living out of Pennsylvania. My music consist of just about any genre you can name. Rap, HipHop, R&B, Trap, Neo-Soul, etc. I also produce music as well as write songs for other upcoming artists. People will listen to my music because my content has absolute range. There's always something different coming out of the vault.

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Song Title: Pain in the Mirror

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