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Artist Bio

zzy-BM, (Born Chimeremeze Madumere), is a Nigerian Singer, Songwriter and Producer with a distinct music style. CEO & FOUNDER UNLIMITED VIBE RECORDS

As a *fast-rising* Afro-fusionist, Izzy BM mixes AfroBeats, Hip-Hop, RnB, Reggae and Rap to create his own distinct sound.

Izzy-BM has had the priviledge of working with notable African artistes in Portland Oregon and beyond.

His music style is heavily influenced by Burna boy, Davido, Mayokun and Fela kuti

In his own words;
I am called an entertainer because I flow with what the audience is dancing to.

Izzy Baba Melo is not just a name, it's a title.

I’m here to entertain.

I don’t just make music for me, I sing to the beat of distant drummers.

It comes with being an artiste, you feel the music in your bones. You create what you hear, then you listen to what you create, that’s what makes me an artist".

Tell us who you are:

What comes in mind when you see a beautiful lady for the first time, not knowing how powerful she is suddenly she swoops you completely. Anita describes a how strong women are and they add great value to life in general.

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Song Title: Anita

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Contact Artist: unlimitedviberecords@gmail.com

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