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Artist Name: Israel Edmondson

Artist Bio

I am always myself, I never change for anyone, or anything. I am always writing new music, thinking of melodies, trying to come up with unique beats, taking down interesting ideas, etc. When I record music I keep recording until I like what I hear, if I don’t like the sound I keep going until I’m pleased. Another thing is I’ve also always been an underdog, never fit in, highly doubted in all I do, and I love it because it pushes me to be better and work harder. I’m currently working a full time job on top of trying to do music and it’s really hard to make the time, but I manage ! I want nothing more than for music to be all I do until the day I die.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Israel Edmondson, and I think people will listen to my music because they will be able to relate. When I have a problem or I am going through something or I am just thinking about something, I vent it out in music… I want people to know that they are not alone.

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Song Title: Won’t go down

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Contact Artist: iedm1231@gmail.com

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